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Hi! My name is Peach:).Theres only 3 people I know in real life on hatena, BiPolaar,Orangesoda, and Caroline.These are my best friends on hatena that I've met,Silver,he draws really awesome, his drawings are JUST like boss, and as probley everyone knows (unless ur new)BOSS IS THE BOSS OF HATENA.Silvers probley my closest friend on hatena and B-DayBoo, he has been supporting a lot of my flips, even if its a crappy flip 2 me, he makes it sound good. Also, I luv to draw anime,chibi,manga, but mostly stick figs when im lazy.


My favorite movies are Paul,Shawn of the dead,Hot fuzz(I luv those guys)The Other Guys, lemonade Mouth and Super 8. If you havn't watched them yet you should because there really funny.Theres tons of other movies I could list but Im keepin it semi short.My fav youtubers are Fred and Smosh, they are HALAROUS!!! My fav shows are WKUK(luv sketch comedy), Breaking_in,(Sad its over)Family guy, Robot chicken,So Random, and Tosh.0. I couldnt live without these shows, I luv em.

Yup,I hope everyone likes my flips, please check them out,bye!O3o OFTo................ur still here?...... well of course u r! how could u read if ur not here!!!!.....Im like exeeding that was hard 2 write all of that!!!........Im done with u....bye 4 realz!!! OFTO O3o