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Hey there, I'm Pearl Girl! Yeah, that's not actually my real name... But that's ok. I'm a girl and I'm also in high school, but I'm only 14. My favorite color is green along with blue and white. I love to draw and I think school rocks! I'm kind of nerdy in the fact the I love anime, video games, and gadets!. My favorite anime series would have to be YuGiOh, Hetalia or Fruits Basket (YuGiOh and Hetalia are up there at my number ones though). I LOOOOOVE~ Hetalia! Fave characters are Prussia, England, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, and Austria just to name a few. I also ADORE The Avengers! Kind of a Loki fangirl... Oh, and my latest obsession is YuGiOh! I've been into it since I was like 4 and my parents got me the complete Japanese/English subbed anime (for my 14th birthday) and thus I'm back into it after like a decade! Anyways, my favorite video game is Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Oh, I also like Vocaloid music which is where most of the background music for my flipnotes is from. I really like everything Japanese but I'm not even a itty-bitty Japanese. Yeah, and most of my flips will probably be related to video games or anime (ie: Hetalia or Yugioh!) and if not, there's a good chance that it's just random. I also love languages (I'm taking French and Latin in school as well as German and Spanish in my spare time) Well, that's it I guess... Thanks for listening... err, reading!