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I'm in year 8, in High School of course. -3-

I love flipnotes with wolves, dragons and other crazy stuff you really don't wanna know........

Age: 13

Birthday: 13th October (as if anyone cares...... QAQ)

Nationality: Australian

Language: Chinese (Mandarian), English. {a little bit of French, German and Japanese. (Learnt them from school -_-)}

Mah Characters:


Copy any of mah charaters oWo...

And i'll friggin' rip out your tongue and shove it down ya throat!!!!

(only people who gains permission may use my charas)


My "New" main character, a fox who has two tails and two sides, black and white. When she was a fox-pup, she was cursed with the loss of her colours because her selfish step-father made a deal with the Dark Wolf that in exchange for half of Independence's colours, he would like to become the most powerful Fox in history.

Now that was the story about Independence's colours but her double tails is another long story. OH yeah....... Copy her and I'll friggin' eat your heart out >:3


A Dragon Werewolf hybrid that I originally made in 2011.

His mother's a werewolf and his father's a dragon so.... he got the looks, the body, the tail, the mane and the head inherited from his dad and his kindness, personality and paws are from his mum.

[If he gets mad, he will go into berserk mode. His paws wil change into claws, his tail multiples depends on his anger and his iris disappears, leaving his eyes all red, the more tails there are, the more he lose his sanity and the more harder it gets to calm him down. He also has another berserk mode called Deville Mode where everything goes like the original berserk mode but his tail turns into a devil tail and it easier to calm him down in this mode, and he won't lose his sanity {He just growls at you in a mad voice}.]

Like Indepenence, don't copy him!!! Or I'll sic Dreigow on you when he's in Berserk Mode D:<

{sorry, won't write the rest until next time, too tired}


He is the little mutt wolf hybrid with a heart on his forehead.


Dovey's Negative spirit


She is a made-up character who used to be a horse but got experimented on and she ended up as part horse, part werewolf and part dragon <That's why she goes berserk sometimes>.

My BFF's:

DNA wolf




OzeiWolf (my sister)

Deezire (my brother)

KibiWolf (?)


Senima' San (sorry for bad spelling -_-')




Dark Wolf

(sorry if i'm missing anyone, just tell me)