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Welcome to my page! I'm Phoenixstar if you don't know me. I'm very

generous and LOVE to make friends. I'm not afraid to ask for help or ask someone for someting, I'm on constantly and always try to help when i can. I enter many contests wether your a friend or not. Friends on here are the ones i give stars to, talk to and include on AMVs. I have many characters and make them everyday. I RP alot with friends. Most of them are with my closest friends. I alaways RP and try to talk to new users to help them out. Oh woops i forgot to tell you my friends; Pyxie Iwolfking flippy wolfang darknesswolf kagome lostsong loner k9girl sunpaw asylum dragongirl hyperwolf soren wario wolf steelnavy mimicwolf alfie and many others.

Closest friends;pyxie, Iwolfking, flippy, loner, k9girl, sunpaw, asylum, steelnavy mimicwolf wolfang lostsong

family;wolfang, sunpaw, pyxie, lostsong (sis)



Other family; ?

My best friend STEELNAVY is gone and I was there to witness what Hatena said...I'm going to get revenge on hatena...

SN if your reading this.. I miss you so much..<:( I wish I could talk to you one last time...:'( I promise, even if I get banned I will find someway to get you back on hatena..I promise...

I miss you lots

Anyways, Im currently working on a 70+ fans amv..I went from 16-77?????!!!!! Thank you all so much!!!