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I'mm not very good at drawing, so I'm glad theres a stick figure channel, and thats where almost all of my flips will be, if you like my flips, or hate them, post a comment telling me what you like or hate about them, thnx!


PS: dang thats out of date!!!! i made that in like, May! i can draw

really well now, and no i do not post in the stick figure channel anymore.


PPS: every time i update it i will just make it longer so i will always have my original about me description, and all the updates. just so you know.


I finally Updated my profile picture, I'm not using what i said i would, the edit me looks a whole lot better.

Full name

STALKERS! why is u wantin 2 know mah name?


I'm of the female gender, yes.


meh. It's march. If tim is 18 in 2 months, and molly is 14 in october, and shadow is a year and a half older than molly, and is 2 years and one month younger than tim, how old is shadow? ahh, math.

Blood type

R u a vampire or sumthin?


I'm in school, I volunteer at a daycare center.

Place of residence

Um, whats between Missouri and Louisianna?



Special skills

I'm very flexible, I can draw. yup, thats about it.


engrish (english), very little spanish, I can count to three in like 6 or 7 languages. yup. its pitiful. oh, i can sing a song in french.