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Hello Hatena! :D I have an account! >w< Muahaha! I shall make it into the most popular...

Someday. XD

Anyways~ My name Hagoo means And in Korean. But it's spelled Hago. XD My name is also my first 2 letters of my first name and the last 3 letters of my last name~ So Hagoo~! :D Anyways~ I had an account before. But...Let's just say somethings happened. ._." NO MORE SHALL I SAY I WILL QUIT! D:< Until I really want to. XD But that will be never :P Anyways...

Yup. Oh yeah~ And when I say~ That japanese word at the end of my senetences, It means "Until next time!~" In case you wanted to know~ c:


Jikai made~

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