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Sorry it's been awhile. Life's been busy. In addition to that, I got a 3DS, Pokemon Black Version, and an awesome game called Cave Story. I'll sprite again when I feel like coming back to Hatena. Cya. ~P.G.

(Updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2011)

Hello. I am Pikmin Guy, in case you haven't noticed yet. I am a spriter on Flipnote Hatena. I am # years old and live in a state in the U.S.A. I like to play Video Games. Sports, the sun, and human beings are things I really dislike. I also detest "st*pid funny" stuff. It's not funny. If you must contact me, comment on my Overly Detailed Pikmin Guy Profile Pic. I hate stars, and would like my sprites used, instead of starred.

I will be making a series at some point. It will be called "The War of Masks." However, I need Mr. Video to finish the BIS Bowser sprites. The story takes place several years after TMKW (by Tylr),DoD (by OmegaSword) and RotS (by OmegaSword)(And in an alternate dimension when compared with Zero's DDMK series.). The kingdoms of the world have signed a peace treaty. However, a group of renegade Shy Guys have different plans...

I'm also thinking about making a mini-series called "Hackworld." It's based on what happens when you cheat, hack, or debug a game (with a lot of humor mixed in). It's also going to be animation practice for TWM. Can anyone who reads this tell me whether or not I should make it?


Dark Star: BiS Dark Star. This is Zero's request.

Small Fat Luigi: For OmegaSword's (previously Tylr's) Snack Basket. These will be started after Dark Star is done.

LoZ: A Link to the Past: Pretty much all of it, from Link to bosses to the smallest tileset.

Pikmin customs: These are on hold...

Yoshi's Island DS: I haven't worked with these in a LONG time, and I may stop doing them altogether.

P.S. Vielleicht ich bin ein Mikrowellenherd.