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Hello everybody.

My name is Linnea. I live in sweeden. And write teribble english.

Anyhow i am thirteen Blah Blah Blah Blah...... Who cares....

.... I am a girl. (Maby it is important to know.

As you can see I am a realy BIG BIG BIG fan of HALO.

Only joking ;P

I hope you already know that i love invader Zim.

But i also like Halo, ALOT.

I play halo too overmuch.

So I am a bit of a nerd. Yep i´ma girl.

Don´t think I am so nerdy that i only play games. I like other stuff. like....eeeh...

... I know!! I like to draw. And I am pretty good at it.

My classmates get impressed. My dad too and his friends.

Sorry. I am boast. Aren´t I.

The things I draw is dragons,aliens,(invaders of course) lol,

halo spartans and.. yeah. that´s it. When i draw i use Black lead\plumgao. Or whatever you call it.

I almost only do music-video flips.

Maby it is because of that i´m listen to alot of music.

My favorit artist\band is Daft Punk. I´ve listened to them since i was almost 13. It is not a long time but i think I will love them for ever. <3

I also listen to Iron maiden.

HELL Yeah!! i´ma Heavy rocker.

lol lol. no I´m not. only a little bit. I promisell be friendly to you.

Higurashi no naku koro ni, is a anime and manga serie that I like. For those who don´t know anythig abaout it.

It is a Horror manga serie and it is really Krong\complex so I don´t really want to explain. Search on Youtube or something. XD

I have many caracters.

The caracter to be imagined as me is a invader. Her name is Lea and has antennaes that are bent forward.

she also got a red thick line on her right eye. sometimes the line\scar is on her left eye. But thats is only a mistake :P

she is in love with another invader. I did not remember his name when i write this. LOl

He is cool anyway.

My best friend got a caracter too. The caracter´s name is Ad.

She has curled antennaes.

By the way.

Vocaloid owns!!!!



i mean girl.



Place of residence



draw, draw, draw and draw.

I almost forgot halo. I love halo.

viev flipnotes and eeeeeh...eeh...eeh

...play halo. Be with friends. Yeah i guess that´s me.

Special skills

Pretty good at drawing.


I talk Swedish. Because I live and I am born in Sweden.

Talk good english but i suck on writing english.

A little spanish. A LITTLE. i repeat A LITTLE.

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Xbox LIVE Pixelcube98


Fashion liked Decora. A bit of rock, Striped socks Yay!!
Games liked Halo (the games you know)
Vehicles liked the wharthog from halo
People liked you
Things liked stuff. yep. I like stuff
Food liked mmm I am hungry
Music liked Iron maiden / vocaloid
Art liked Dragons,manga
Books liked Harry potter
TV Shows liked INVADER ZIM!!!!!
Sports liked I hate sports
Animals liked guineapiggs
Characters liked Zim. Mion from Higurashi,darth vader
Movies liked Star Wars
ことば liked i don´t know what the _____ this means