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OK, as you guys all know my profile name is Crystal , and i'm also a Christian.

Anywayzz, i have an ANNOYING 5 year old sister and a twin brother, so yeh. If you haven't figured out yet, imma a girl.I am also straight. To be honest, I seriously don't like the idea of girlXgirl or boyXboy (especially boyXboy) or in other words h--o--m--o $3xuality XD. Don't get me wrong I'M NOT AGAINST IT. It's just I seriously don't find it okay.


Fave color: Purple

Fave Animal:Dog (and puppies XD)

age: AH HA read the rest of the profile and we'll see how old I sound


Bio:I am a Christian too, so like I can be religious at sometimes and be myself at another. I was raised a Christian and I want to be and stay devoted to being one. OH, and look if you're not a Christian okay that's fine, but PLEASE don't go hatin on Christianity. It really p!sses me off. There is a reasonable limit to whatever someone can say about other people's beliefs and if you pass that limit well, I have the right to report you.So do not go saying "Oh Christians are complete whakos and are racist, ya da ya da ya" lol.Umm, I think my very favorite well not favorite) verse in the bible would be... uh, Timothy 4:12: Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity :). I always try to keep my reputation clean and pure (if ya know what i mean)I love to make people laugh and cheer em up. There is one thing that I have basically fallen in love with and that is... NARUTO SHIPPUDEN!!! >:D

Of course I also love Bleach, but not as much as Naruto S. I love Bleach and all the chara. aww man the pairing Ichihime is SO CUTE. Which is why I STRONGLY believe Ichigo and Orihime should be together. lol if you disagree and want to "discuss" it with me, then i'm all for it.

As you can see I also have O.C's. My main O.C (the one that I choose to represent me) yea her name is Crystal


Crystal is a sweet, kind and gentle 15-16 year old, with light brown skin(idk what to call it, tan?). She's pretty clueless and naive which doesn't make any sense at all since she gets impressive marks on her school work. when she's bored, she tends to zone out and think about completely ridiculous scenarios.To sum everything out in a short sentence, the best way to describe Crystal is cute. She has the personality of a 5-6 year old. People usually describe her as a cutiepie or a sweetheart. Crystal is found to be an attractive girl because of her unusually large... chest or in other words b-o-o-b-i-e-s (don't reportlol) She has a twin brother and a 6 year old sister(like me except my sis is 5 XD) and also has two other best friends named Sarah and Jasper. Crystal was bullied multiple times through out her childhood. Which would explain why she has blue dark short hair. when she was 10 she was pulled into a washroom, where there the kids at her school cut her hair with scissors and used permanent blue hair dye on her hair. Before that she had brown hair.Crystal also attended schools and hospitals for mental children or kids with special needs. She was bullied because she was a mutant or different than the other normal kids. Crystal is an elemental muntant and carries out these elemants: Fire/light and


She also has an extra ability that most mutants don't have and that is telepathy.

Now because of the abuse and bulling Crystal had to endure, she was left with the memories of the hate the children gave her at that school, even as a 11-13 year old she was bullied on the street by her past classmates from her previous school. During the time she was bullied she developed another indescribable side of herself. She developed a split personality. Whenever she was deeply depressed or emotionally hurt she would go completely out of her mind and start to attack those around her-- including the ones she loved. It was as if she had lost her sanity and become indescribably insane. Before she met the boy (Jasper) the opposite side of her would occur frequently. In fact the situation got so bad that her parents were forced to take her to a mental hospital (like one of those really really intense ones) where she would live there for at least a year.


Jasper is just an ordinary 15-17 year old teenage boy, except for the fact he isn't normal like most of the teens in the world. Jasper was also born a mutant. He is a tall, built person with more of a tan skin color. When he was young his interest was mainly on wrestling, and would always get involved in fights in school because he was so influenced by it. Although he loved the violence in wrestling, as a 11-13 year old he was a very nice and caring boy. As a teen Jasper becomes no more interested in wrestling. Jasper's personality has gotten more complicated. Very stubborn, short-tempered, and impulsive teen he grew up to be. He usually keeps his face in an almost "permanent" frown, keeping his eyebrows drawn close to each other. His unbelievably hot- headed trait is something Jasper can't keep a secret and picking a fight with Jasper isn't something even a dumb person would think of doing. Jasper-- as a teen gets in fights often both in school and on the streets with classmates and gangs. Even when he doesn't want to or doesn't feel like fighting he just can't help fighting back. Jasper is said to be unbelievably disrespectful to his teachers by calling them by their first names or talking back. Even going as far as disrespecting people older then him.Jasper also has a bad habit for swearing. He does it quite frequently, sometimes even swearing without knowing. Although because Jasper has a troublesome tongue most girls find it very "hot". Even though Jasper isn't as nice to most people, girls are always people he singles out. As a teen boy Jasper believes that all girls should be treated nicely. Saying that every girl deserves to be called beautiful and not ever deserves to be treated wrongly. whenever a girl is disrespected or cheated on by a boy they come to Jasper-- "He is said to beat some understanding into boys who do such things to girls" He is regularly asked out by girls everyday either because of his feeling towards girls or his "cute, hot, s3xy" look as most girls would say.Jasper only treats girls with respect who are younger than him or in his age group (under 20) (if it's a female teacher, then that's a whole different thing -- still very disrespectful) judging on how easily uncomfortable and extremely shy jasper becomes when people talk about n*de or fairly undressed women near him is something Drake has teased him for when talking about Crystal's unusually large chest with Jasper. (That would also be considered Jasper's weakness) Jasper's ability as a mutant is


being able to freeze, control, and do many other things with water.

Because his ability is water Jasper drinks it 24/7 to keep hydrated.If not drunken as regularly as he usually does he will become dehydrated and faint.

Jasper has a younger sister, Sarah who was born only 10 months after him and is also best friends with Crystal and Drake.