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Uhm. Meh name is Morgan, im 13 and a half, but im in sixth grade. dats cuz i entered pre-school late. so uh......im a warrior cat fan...ive read almost all of the books....im also a Guardians of Gahoole fan....ive read them all and i HAVE them all......um...i have dark brown eyes..blonde hair...im really spazzy...ima christian....i have freckles....im irish, german, scottish, and who knows what else...BLAH. ill probably change my username to Zhulik..


hey guys, its me again. im not as bad today, im feeling way better. maybe thats cuz (not to bring religion into this or anything..) i've confessed my sins. i feel clean and new. :D. maybe its cuz i have awesome friends

because of your awesome people i feel a world of a lot better. thanks.

___Zhuliks info___

Name: Zhulik (duh)

Age: 19 moons

Gender: female

Position: loner (in-the-near-future creator and leader of a clan)

Abilities: elemental cat. can summon and control all five element of fire, water, earth, wind, and energy. shes a vampire. :D

Appearance Desc: white w/ black tat.too markings on her face, che.st, sides, and tail. her paws are black and white checkered. the tip of her tail is black. black and white striped ton.gue. tips of ears black w/ two black stripes under that .has an earing on each ear. vampire.

Accessories: spi.ked cuffs on all for paws, bloodclan collar, and black and white handke.rchief. the bloodclan collar spikes pie.rce through the handke.rchief

Mate: Ostertag (littleflower)

Kits: 1.Vladimir (uhhh i cant remember who plays him..i think mysticwolf)

2. Obi (cant remember, maybe littleflower.)

3. Wan (cant remember, maybe littleflower.)

4. Kanobi (cant remember, maybe littleflower.)

5. Kako (magicly)

6. (adopted) υπηρέτης του κακού

or Ypiretis Tou Kakou (me XD)