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Use google translate.

Please don't stalk me by looking at what flipnotes I've been commenting on. I already got reported twice and if I get reported again, I'll be banned (the message said I may be if it happens again). I'll make another account, but I just don't want to lose all of my friends and fans. If I'm chatting with a friend on a flip and you think something is wrong, please tell us. We'll delete the comment(s). And don't worry about reporting me, I don't make fun of people, put smex stuff in my flips,put blood in my flips, or anything that WOULD get me reported. Please respect me and I will respect you. And stars are nothing. Getting famous is nothing. You're only famous if you are on TV 24/7, getting roles in movies and hanging out with Charlie Sheen. And what's the point of green stars when you're only going to give them away to a person of your choice? And piling them up for no reason will do you nothing, you're not getting an award for it. If you want a green star, you can go to a RP channel because some people post smex RPs there or you can make some good quality flipnotes, MVs or just a comedy flip. If you need help on animation, I'll be more than happy enough to help you and give you some tips. I am planning my future while sharing my creativity on this website. I would also like to make friends, worldwide or not, on this website. So instead of acting and/or being an immature person, I'd rather be friends. I am a really nice person people tell me. Thank you.:) Like my cowboy?