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Its Me!!!!!!

Im NOT back!!!!XD jk

Im sooooo glad its summer!!!!

The day has come, school is out, and summer is in!!!!!!!!!

Ima tell you about me first before i get to my characters.[i have 32 btw] ANYWAY i absolutly love the color blue!! its like the ocean in the sky!!! lol my hair is now Short, its dark brown almost black, no streaks. I have deep brown eyes, like the brown on a coconut only a tad darker. Some people say that for my age i draw really good, animations..not so much. My best friends inclube Madi[mAd], aspyn[laugh], DeathRider, Devan, Luis, arkasm, and a few other people. I have some imaginary friends too, like Saya, and angel, and Jeffery.At my house, witch isn't very big for my liking, i sleep on the top bunk of the bunk beds. my sis got the bottom XD. lol so i have 2 cats, Ashes and Lily. I also got 2 fedora's and a tophat!!!!!.

My favorite song is bless the broken roads by Rascal Flats.

~I set out on a narrow way

Many years ago

Hopeing god would find true love

Along the Broken Roads

But i got lost a time or two

Wipe my brow and kept pushing through

I could see how evry sign

Pointed straight to you

But every long lost dream

Lead me too where you are

And others who broke my heart

They were like northern stars

Pointing me on my way

Into your loving arms

This much i know is true

That god bless the broken Roads that lead me straight to you.

I have had time to make lots o new characters, and ya'll know it. Every one of my characters has a friend, playmate, and even magical creatures to keep them company. I'll show you some!

Name: Sayana Rima Kiosky

Age: 17

Partner: Jeffery Thorn

Creature Friend: Alpi the Fairy

Powers: Natural, Shapeshifter

Bio:Super Smart in the feild of criminaology and potion masses. She has a degree of art and plant work.Saya is also in horse riding, dragons, goblins, elfs[for she is one], and almost every magical substance ever.

Saya is a tall, black haired with a blue streak, Green eyed, Tanned Naturists. She is also in the way for being a professer in the Maical school, he place jeffery and herself met.{How Romantic!!!!}

I can't tell you guys about me, its top secret!!!! XD


Miss ya'll!!!



  • tackles you and licks your cheek then runs-

okay NOW you can go!!!!!!!!