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We are the incarnation of the KingSpadesAndHearts, know as supermafia!

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We are the incarnation of the KingSpadesAndHearts, know as supermafia!

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Our flipnotes are much more awesome than during the "KingSpadesNHearts" era.

Thank you people for giving us over 10,000 views in a week and 2 days, faster than some on here! So, again, thanks!

Edit 2* We lock most of our flipnotes because we are challenging Hatena Thieves.

Goals for me:

Achieve 10,000 Stars: Complete

Achieve 20,000 Stars: Complete

Achieve 50,000 Stars: Incomplete

Achieve 100,000 Stars: Incomplete

Obtain a Green Star: Complete

Obtain a Red Star: Incomplete

Obtain a Blue Star: Incomplete

Obtain a Purple Star: Incomplete

Got in the top 300: Complete

Got in the top 100: Incomplete

Got in the top 10: Incomplete

Future Flipnotes

Right now, i dunno...

Hall of Epic Fail:

S0NIC: He is one of the many Hatena thieves that stole from Me during the KingSpadeandHearts era.

gamer206: He stole one of my semi-popular Mario flipnotes, which is "Peach's a dude?" but no worries, I reported him to the admins of Hatena.

Hatena Thieves: No description needed when you look at these words. These scumbags Steal many popular flipnotes and just repost it, making it more popular with the thieve. If you dare steal my flipnotes, i will report you!

I have a steam account if anybody wants to play tf2 with me, maybe play with me in Minecraft Classic. Accounts: (S)supermafiamk666 (McC)SuperMafiaMk2 (TF2) SuperMafia

I are dead... possibly... so, goodbye World of Flipnote Hatena. I might rereincarnate in a different account.