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You Ratchet?

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I live it up like these are my last days,

If time is money I'm an hour past paid,

Ughh,gunpowder in my hourglass,

Negroes faker than some flour in a powder bag.


Loading Swag......███████████


This her what you call domination its a combination of skill and concentration so rock to the occasion do something amazing anything that I do I dominate.

Go stronger Go harder I'm a monster conquer dominate anything I want to my passion my skill my focus my hunger just to put it simple there's no way for you stop me.


Well, if you guessin' it's me,you guessed correctly

I just stay with a stallion,you swear I was an equestrian

Imma hit 'em with that pipe

Call that Nancy Carigan

Stay on the greenest green

Call us vegetarian

You be on that minor league

But we smoke professionally

I do my job exceptionally

On point like a decimal is

And when I ride on the beat

I beat up the street

It's done so effortlessly

Yeah,so these negroes can't

sleep on me,there's no

Inception in this b*tch

I'm top chef,you top ramen,

I'm top shelf

No last call,to the bartender,

what you got left?

Pour it up,don't stop there,

hold your cup,take a shot,


All night we celebrate,cause

we everywhere and you not



My homework brings all the Asians to the yard, and they're like, "It wasn't that hard."


Sports liked Basketball & Football
Location liked Oregon & Kentucky
Drinks liked Dr.Pepper & Beer