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Hello my name is Ann Marie (and I hate it) so call me Ann, Echo or FadingEcho.

I live in San Antonio, TX. I love to draw and play soccer. I'm 12, My birthday is April 7.

I have 4 pets: a cat named smoki and another cat named camellia a great Dane named harpoon and a French berduo mastiff named mocha.

I have many O.C.s:

Echo the Cat

Eclipse the cat

Ginger the fox

Lily the cat

Momo the blind lynx

Miso the lynx

Tune the wolf

Celeste the wolf

Spring the bear

Summer the bear

Fall the bear

Winter the bear

Calliope the robot/cat

Bamboo the panda

Bea the bee

Alice the angel cat

Cho the butterfly

Sedge the lamb

Usagi the rabbit

Parsley the chihuahua

Kiki the cat

Krystal the cat

Cross the cat

Tyme the dachshund

Asami the fox

Sarcasim the cat/neko

Yeah..... lots of O.C.s & I have more ewe

Did I mention I like to draw gifts and requests?

I also can't draw guys //shot//


Main O.C

Momo the blind lynx

Age: 16

Species: lynx

Birthday: July 4

Status: single

Personality Nice, kind, Gets P!seed easily, bit pervy

Bio: when she was 13 her sister was attacked by something that Momo couldn't Identify before she lost her sight some times she'll tell you other times she starts then gets distracted and changes the subject and if you ask her she'll usually yell at you. She gets around fine annotated being able to see she doesn't usually look directly at you the first few times. She rarely hits things while shes walking.



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Whale failure. t-A-t


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Happy bunny