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Hello, it Kippeh! Yay, it's my old name! From Kippeh0FT0 to Kippeh to Dash to Boo-berry, and Finally... Kippeh! So, let get this started, Birth date- 02-01-01. So I'm 11 years old. And in 5th grade! Okay, my friends/MOST FAVORITE creators- 1.Starcow 2.FTrevar 3.Jocko... JUST LOOK AT MY FAVORITES!! My favorite Hobbies? Well, I am a Pegasister... so my hobbies is a bit different- Do My little pony stuff, Pegasister stuff, draw, animate, and watch MLP:FiM and flipnotes!(Don't forget! listen to music!) My favorite pony character is Rainbow Dash. My favorite song is mostly a secret. So... yup. I'm not allowed to go on my Dsi and PC on weekdays, but sometimes I SNEAK and play it! Favorite Drink: CHOCOLATE MALK! Favorite Food: Um... it's a bit hard to say.... but oily and munchy french fries! Yup... I might update this soon, next or this month maybe. But who knows! And remember: Everybody even you is a great creator, no matter if you or other people thinks the artwork is sucky. Every flipnote is art. Well, except for ones with written words only. :D