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Ummmmmm Hi everyone! I'm Emetree My friends call me the animation fixation freak! as u can see by my nickname i love cartoons! My life is Abc 3, i love all there shows including the TD series,spliced,league of super evil,oggy and the cockroaches, vampire knight,deltora quest and many others. I am also nicknamed the Game Freak! I love playing my DSI(DESSI) and i especially <3 POkemon. i know it might be kinda weird 4 a girl 2 like Pokemon but i love it! I recently got my internet running so i have posted some flipnotes. Plz give me stars and comments and i will foreva b greatful ^_^ Peace out Emetree! P.s Justy is an AWESOME creator to know and add so add her when you get the chance HEHE ^_^ AWESOME i wanna thank everyone 4 bein my fan they r:

Ju$ty ♪°FT°id:psycho_KaZu (husband) Love u honey >3< LOL jks!

※Midnighツ id:Hopperbuddy

Charlotte id:Billie

Tyrannocon id:Tyrannocon

Synthia id:pingoleon

Niko98 XD id:pokefanatico-123

piepiecat id:piepiecat

Bia~ id:Bia

Alexe id:AlexeNewell

zo zo id:Zozo1 (my sis >FT<)

jessica :) /:D -_-

Andrew4 id:Blaze4

) id:lisa-du-69

Roseasarus id:kickchic198


Lydz id:Lydz

Muncher id:DevilBoy

Zora id:doggy0232

and more AWESOME ppl (that i really do thank 4 addin me)

thanks y'all been very nice 2 me 。????。