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bonjour!! mon nom est la Princesse Torin! Comment Allez-vous nos jour? i'm not french... ola! again hehehe... i'm not actually... let's go on with mah description :P

hello pleased to meet you! yes you! the one reading the description! so hello so here in mah desc. i will tell you some...

user info:

name:princess Torin

user name:Eevee~CAT

age: 10 turning 11 this year

birthday: November 17

whoa!! mah b-dayy is so far... i never even get at least one saying happy b-day in a flip but November... i meant the creator she's mah friend X3

country: Philippines! i'm proud to be a Filipino!

likes: food,hatena,eddsworld,drawing,making flips having friends

and also i wanna learn french

dislikes:bad people,ghosts,end of the world and being reported :P

i think i started hatena uhhhh....... *long silence* june 1,2011 no maybe......

... now i remember!!! August 28!

so let's go on i have friends

November she is mah first friend

Glaceon mah second first friend

Melanie mah third friends

Senima-jake my wolf friend

Zio my great friend

dark lady (susana) my sonic friend

Typo mah faithful friend :) i know it whe ur reading this

dark moon a wonderful friend

Amber mah Good Friend

midnight a well friend

hasi a caring friend

nicole an epic sonic friend

knife my beautiful friend

danie my best friend

sparx a great friend too

cassandra my poor friend who was popular in the past but now shattered to pieces

roxanne my lovely friend

indigo my november friend

luna eevee a very nice friend

Tezzy an epic friend

Sierra an awesome friend

jari a well friend

laura a very very good friend

Haru-chan my Filipino-French friend

anna my sister friend

Sora my sonic friend

i really wrote a log list of my friends if you are my friend and i forgot you sorry and just comment it

goals (awwhhh yeah!!!)

X marks the spot

O have never done that before


1 (X)

100 (X)

500 (X)

1,000 (X)

5,000 (X)

10,000 (X)

15,000 (X)

20,000 (X)

25,000 (X)

30,000 (X)

50,000 (O)

100,000 (O)

1,000,000 (O)

stars in a flip

1 (X)

100 (X)

500 (X)

1,000 (X)

2,000 (X)

3,000 (X)

5,000 (X)

10,000 (O)


1 (X)

10 (X)

50 (X)

100 (O)

1000 (O)

my best rank



below 20

i am also in Deviant Art here are the sites i'm in:


sorry i can't give you...

i think that's all for now



.:A little sad story:.

hi i'm Hikari and i will tell you all about my story, it all started when my parents died because of murder but me and my sister called Shirono were safe because we were hid in the closet but when the police investigated me and my sister were seperated i was only 10 but we were still little. in her new family she was happy but when i turned sixteen i went to our old house and i lived there alone because i was living there i remember the memories we hade with our parents sad and happy ones we never fought or hurt each other but the hardest part is... to forget on what happened to them i cried softly every day until i saw a picture of them with my sister i was not yet born that day but when i saw the photo i cried hardly i went out to the cliff near our house and peeked to see the stars i saw two stars together and thought "that would be my parents souls" until the day i commited suicide i never can handle it any much longer but at least i am now with my parents accept Shirono when she i died she looked up in the night sky and saw three stars two big one and one small one. then she realized i am now with my family she said to herself she can change that and commited suicide like me now our family is complete in heaven

go and see the flip