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i like pokemon, Professor Layton,and eevees. I am also a girl. i like professor Layton. i also like Spyro the dragon and Kingdom hearts games.i Really like Pokemon, so here is My Fc for platnim if you want to trade and battle. FC: 3696-1221-1547. and for Soul Silver... Fc: 0604-1547-5777


Sky the Areon

Blaze the Draceon

Flora the Eevee

Miu, the part Ditto Eevee

Thunders the Jolteon

Lightning the Dark Jolteon

Honey the Eevee

Hikaru and Kaoru, The Eevee Twins

Kysu, Sky from the future

Nysu a Dark wolf

Tenshi-Ryu, a pearl Dragon Eevee (Mix of Dragonair and Eevee)

Sukochi-Ryu, a Fire Dragon Eevee (mix of Chariazard and Eevee, i guess)

.....and more

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