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Hello there. C:

7th account yay! XD

This one will be a LOT more inactive than the others.


Animals (Big cats,wolves,lizards,house cats)

Happy Tree Friends!* (Flipqy,Handy,Nutty,Flaky,Mime)[©Mondo Mini Shows

Pokemon (The games,not the show)

Tattoos (Too bad I don't have any yet..)



Those who steal Flipnotes (Recoloring or just making a change that no one can actually notice)



*When I lose my motive for something XD

~Goals for this account~

1.Complete every Flipnote I start

2.Get at least 5 blue stars,5-10 red,25 green,& 100,000 yellow

3. *Succesfully do a procect idea start to finish*


Animate the Happy Tree Friends(©Mondo Mini Shows)on Flipnote!

This includes: Fan arts*,experimental episodes*,animation practice

~Information/detail about this~

Taken from the HTF© official site:

"Cute, Cuddly and Horribly Wrong "

"Happy Tree Friends is a Flash cartoon series by Mondo Mini Shows, created by Kenn Navarro, Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo and Warren Graff. Since its debut the show has become a popular internet phenomenon and has won a cult following. As indicated on the official site, the show is "not recommended for small children". Notwithstanding the cute appearance of its characters, the show is extremely violent, with almost every episode featuring blood, gore, and violent deaths. The show is so violent, it was banned in Russia!While the violence of these deaths is comparable to that of The Itchy & Scratchy Show (the short cartoon featured on The Simpsons), the portrayal of death in Happy Tree Friends is more graphic and anatomically correct, depicting bloodshed and dismemberment in more vivid, exaggerated detail."

~Characters with a breif description~

Cuddles-Yellow bunny with pinky bunny slippers.Male.

Giggles-Pink chipmunk with a red bow atop her head.Female.

Toothy-Purple,buck-toothed beaver.His 2 teeth are gapped.Male.

Lumpy-Blue moose with mismatched antlers & multiple jobs.Male.

Petunia-Blue skunk with a pink flower & tree air freshener.Neat freak.Female.

Handy-Orange beaver with no hands (Ironicly a construction worker),a tool belt,& hard yellow hat.Male.

Nutty-Green squirrel with candy on his body & is always sugar-high.Male.

Sniffles-Blue anteater with glasses."Nerd/genius".Male.

{Pop-(Light)brown bear with a bathrobe & smokes a pipe.Male.

{Cub-(Light)brown baby bear with a beanie & a diaper.Male.

Flaky-Red porcupine with flakes that look like dandruff.Very timid.Unisex character.

Mole-Purple,blind mole with dark glasses,a turtleneck,& cane.Male.

DiscoBear-Golden bear with an afro & 70s style clothing.Male.

Russell-Turquoise sea otter with pirate clothing.Male

{Lifty-Green raccoon.Younger brother to Shifty.Male

{Shifty-Green raccoon with a fedora.Older brother to Lifty.Male.

Mime-Purple,mute deer with face paint & a navy-blue & white shirt.Male.

Cro-Marmot-Yellow-green marmot frozen in a block of ice.Wears a loincloth.Male.

Flippy-Green bear who "flips" when he is reminded of things associated with war.Has a split personaliity,"FLipqY".Male.

Splendid-Blue flying squirrel with super powers & wears a red eye-mask.Male.

{Lammy-Purple lamb with a purple bow & white,wool sweater.Female.

{Mr.Pickles-Green pickle with a tophat & moustache.Male.

Buddhist monkey-Golden monkey with little tolerance.Wears a bead sash.male.


Last updated: 3-22-12


A big part of this whole Happy Tree Friends© thing is voting on what you,the viewer(s) want!

About fan arts:

1.Not just a fan art for one person(*)![*Unless you're a close friend*] Example: Some one sujjests...Handy without his hat/helmet.(XD) At least 51%+ has to agree with this idea & I'll draw it!Percentage will be taken out of how many comments there are on the Flipnote.

2.MUSIC VIDEOS!I have so many ideas already!I know not to think of them too much,or the idea will become boring.Anyways,fans can suggest a video!At least 65%+ has to agree with this,though.

About Experimental Episodes:

This includes episodes thought-up by me,& fans,of course!In order for me to make it,though,it must be agreed upon by at least 80% of others,& it mustn't include any HTF© material contained in episodes already made by MondoMiniShows©.If you give me material that's already been used,I'll just direct you to the episode either in the comments,or in the description.Understood?Good.(assuming you said yes/agree..)

Flipnotes in system memory:

1.Waka Waka (This time for Africa) By Shakira.50%.Just needs color.

2.A few animation practices~

3.A character sheet of my few characters including my very own HTF© character,Tigar. (Yes with an "A")

That's all for now!Updated 3/23/12