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Yozers I'm yuki I started to draw 3-5 years ago in September. Ive taught my self.It hard to draw hands and people talking, and other things i struggle with in drawing, but i try.... I <3 Sai, and somewhat sasuke..... ehhh, i had friends, very good friends on a game and my parents found out and now i cant get on, ill miss you light,roku,ice,amete,nami,& alieen, And all my other good friends... I try in school and im failing in spanish.. but im like really good at japanesse..and isnt really hard to learn? i know the basics and i can count to over 200000.. im always looking for some good friends/fans i would like to try and become very good friends with everyone!


Is about a girl who gets tossed into the world of ninjas a happens to wake up on Zetsu and is sitting on him... when they get to the akatasuki they are greeted by the annoying, but Creepy tobi - i might add ill draw him as a loli pop in the first episode!- hmm Eternal,Hope,Starr,Dessi,Lauren, ~are all in so far :3