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Hello! This is Jim Raynor (Ryan Olsen). I am glad i joined hatena so i can post flipnotes. I love World War 2 history, i love math, and video games. Its been about 1 year sence i started making flipnotes. My favorite World War 2 movie is Saving Private Ryan. Its a cool movie. I love 2 play the piano. I really enjoy being in plays (in other words acting). I really, really enjoy singing.

I am 16 now. Just asking a question of you guys is that pretty old to be on Hatena right now. Idk oh we'll.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo........ The is a MV being released soon but instead of me doing it (which is good so you don't need to see bad drawing). My friend Doodlebug is going to do it. She is going to let me know what's up ya know.

It's good to have help. This is to all you ppl that know that they can draw well. Go ahead and ask some strong artist to help you out. I really did want to ask because I think it was to big of a burden. But she was wanting to help. That's what I have to say.

I have made a clan called [LFGx] Lazy-Fail-Gamers xtreme. Going if you want. I haven't intirely made a the clan yet like the website to in-roll in the clan, but anyone can join. Anybody have Xbox live? Get to know me friend request me this is my user name. Caboose529. See you soon.

One last thing. I think I am going to call you ppl something. Like instead of saying 'Hi guys' I think I might call ya - gamers or something like that. If someone as an idea put in my comments in a flip note.

I don't know why there is more girls that like my series than boys. that is quite sad guys.

Well that is it. Later Gamers.