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Welcome to my Creator's Room, and the thingy-mi-jig about me. (updated 7/11/11)

My name is Qcumber, and I'm going to tell you aaaaaallllllll about me. M'kay let's get started!

  • I am 13 years old
  • I'm 5ft5 & 1/2 (and still growin')
  • I live in the west coast of America, although I emigrated from Canada when I was one.
  • I have hazel eyes, long brown hair, and I'm pale :L
  • I'm bad at most sports.
  • I am the youngest of three
  • I say things are "cliché" too much
  • I can easily pull an all-nighter
  • I'm bored.

Let's talk Hatena now:

  • I was the Featured Artist April 27th
  • The best rank I've ever had was 9
  • I currently have 1000+ fans
  • I have had three flipnotes in the top 20 Most Popular
  • I have a channel called Qcumber's Channel :P (cliche, I know)

...and you are probably getting bored of reading this.

Thanks for actually being some-what interested in who I am and...yeah....

You can go now. :I

I FEEL WEIRD JUST TALKING ABOUT MYSELF! I'm not good at this..............