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q:What is our name?

a:How would I know?

q:How old are you?

a:OVER 9,0000!!!!!!

q:what are some things you like?

a:I like the following: Gir, flip note, my fans, potatoes, my shoes, my friends James Patrick Warren Jr. Hans Travis Pranschke III,and the ho.bo in my backyard.

q:Do you have any friends on Hatena?



a:Cheeselovr id: cheeselovr,Mr-Piklz id Mr-Piklz, Connor, travis, Braden

q: What is your fav radio station?

a:i93 or 93.3 only for Texas

q:have you lived in any other states besides the one you are liveing in right now?

a:No Texas is my home state but half of my family is from Arkansa and I've gone p.ee on Oklahoma, Florida, and Arkansa

q: Who are some of your favorite ceators?

a:Mish,BosS,gizmo, Anthoney SMB(stupid mario bros),Anthoney (uses pictures), AfRo Toad, Mr.Derp and more.

q: Do you like any one?

a: .3. who knew i could be so personal

these are a few questions i asked myself.

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