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:O its YOU.

You might notice that iChange my obsesions alot. That is very true. So do not be alarmed if i comment on anypony's flipnote in Sindarin. That wont happen soon. iHave yet to register for an online course in Sindarin. OGODYES. iFound my chineese yo-yo. X3 love it!!!

So yes. iAm currently obsesed w/ Lord of the Rings. so here's a list of my obsessions over the last 1 1/2 yrs (lol iHave a problem):

iAm working on an elvish charecter for my profile:) her name is "Merilith". roughly translated into Sindarin, that means "Rose dust". pretty. oWo


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iProbably had more but 4got.

u go baibai nao.