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Hey, I'm Ryan, 14 years young. I REALLY like to play the guitar, I also like soccer, xbox, and Minecraft! My Minecraft account name is Pwned312. SILVERSTEIN AND CROSSFADE ARE EPIC. If you want to hear something new, look up Crossfade, and/or Avertine, they are both really good, unrecognized bands :/. My favorite video games are Deadliest Warrior, Halo, Assassin's Creed and CoD. My Youtube username is MrTehGui, and my tumblr is ohheyitsryand.tumblr.com. Check out my channel, I have a video posted of me playing The "Heck" Song live at my high school. My gamertag is MaximumPwnage31 add me if you have XBL (I almost never go on it anymore, my little bro mostly plays it). If you want to check out my tumblr, go to ohheyitsryand.tumblr.com. Im posting alotta flips of me playing guitar, so FPS flips are rare, unless I get a good req. IM A LEFTY TOO, Hoooray for being different :D! I dont have a "right" hand I only have a left, and wrong hand :P. Best friends on hatena would have to be BlackJack, & Veritas. You girls are awesome! And!... Oh... I dont have any good male friends on hatena... Except maybe for Clay, but he's mah dadeh -___-' - Ryan Dorival.