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Name: Connor *BLEEP* (No last name. It's classified.)

Interests: Pokemon, Anime/Manga, kittens, marshmallows, candycorn, Toy Story 1, 2, and 3,ect.

Dislikes: Synchronized swimming classes, tiny television sets, dead AA or D batteries, ect.

Healow! I iz u goy neymd RaiRaiGuy. Wait... let me re-type that. Hello! I am a guy named RaiRaiGuy. I'm a 14 year old person/MAN(lol) that does NOT have a DSi. ...JK!


I am so sorry, but I have extremely regrettably sold my Nintendo DSi.

Not to worry! I have another DSi, but it is a DSi XL! I will try my best to make the same account on the DSi XL (btw it's the special 25th Mario anniversary one and it does a fine job of tickling my fancy) because I have done it before (some observant fans have noticed). I won't post as often, but I'll try. Well, see ya!

PS: I have a new command code. For your convenience, I will put it here:


P.S.: Just so all of you stop asking, I am continuing Marshmallow & CandyCorn. So stop your asking. Please. You drive me crazy. JK. You guys be awesome. Really :).