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Who just drop there DSi XL into the bowl of ramen? that's right me! >D IM BACK! miss me? o3o, I apologize for quitting Hatena folks, It's because that well Let's blame the ramen okay? lol. So Again I apologize quitting folks, I hope this will never happen ever again ;w;... So basically your wondering about my OC's right? well then I basically have two main OC's Tendo and Nakara, the rest are either back up for for fun XDD.

So here's a little info about my OC's that you'll see very often and there info that I settle in:

Tendo R.

Height: 5'5" (lol my shortest OC of all. gotta love him X3)

Age: 16

DoB: June 4th

Rank: Assassin, Black Smith (i hope that's a rank the black smith owo'')

Siblings?: yush in real life Teito his older brother(NOTE that tendo does have a older sister but she really doesn't belong to the subject that tendo is in so basically you'll probably not see shiroku very often on flipnote unless it's her b-day and yes teito is really my older brother X3)

Personality: He's kinda aggressive but mostly when it come's to the people he hate or don't get along (like Seiichi! :D XD my friend's character) But he's mostly nice and friendly, and can sometimes slip out of cussing but mostly not.

NOTE: that Tendo is like me i use my personality on him to create him but not my birthday and my look.


Nakara A.

Age: 16 (one month older than tendo)

DoB: May 3rd

Rank: Medic (he use to be a mad scientist but nah i decided not to make him that)

Siblings?: yush Kurai his older brother

Personality: you tell me when you see how he act ewe



Deviantart: HiddenRainPath

Youtube: NakaratheDemon