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Hi! You can call me Rainy, and I mostly do flipnotes about my characters. My main character is Shady, a wercat; he turns into a crazed cat-bird thing every full moon. my other main character is Flint, shady's brother. Flint is ll "perfect" and everyone loves him.

Heres a background story for most of my AMV's about the cat with a scar on his face and black hair and ear tips. (Shady)

Shady turns into a werecat every full moon, and is seen as a monster. But after he defeats a \n evil spirit and saves his town, everyone likes him. But the evuil spiriot made him go insane, and his wife and kids are devastated. (But he returns to normal after a while)

This dec is a totoal fail. I'll redo it later, with more detail and less failedness. Go watch my flips instead of reading this.