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Does anyone know how to fix your DSi screen if the screen doesn't sense in

certain places!?

Hello all you fans of flip! I'm Rainkit. I work hard on my flips and wish they would become popular. I love all you people who enjoy my flips.

"Your character is more important than your reputation. Your character is who you truly are, your reputation is merely who people think you are."

"Everyone is perfect at one thing, and that's not being perfect."


Here is some information about me:

Online Name: Rainkit, Rainstar or Silver (I prefer Rainkit here)


Age: Ten

B-Day: September 27th

Location: United States

Language: English

Gender: Female

Personality: Shy to strangers, but friendly and hyper to friends and the internet.


Favorite Color: Silver (second favorite is Rainbow)

Favorite Games: Anything Pokemon

Favorite T.V. Shows: Pokemon and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Favorite Animal: Cat/Kitten

Favorite Movies: Over the Hedge and Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker

Favorite Books: Warriors Series (by Erin Hunter)

Favorite Band: The Ready Set

Favorite Pokemon: Vaporeon, Skitty, and Pikachu

Favorite Pokemon Trainers: Ash (HE'S MINE, BACK OFF >:U!) Silver(PokeSpe) and either Misty or Anabel (Salon Maiden)

OTP: PokeShipping, AshXMisty





Go favorite them, NOW!!!!!

If you consider me a friend or want to be a friend, tell me! I'm very friendly (most of the time) to other nice people!

Please try to link my flips. I won't lock my flips unless people steal them.

A shout out to ShinyEevee and Red Vap. Thank you for inspiring me all the time. I love your flips so much! You guys are my fave creators ever!


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Main O.Cs

Rainkit (animal O.C)

A cat with a tomboyish attitude. She is very cheerful and loves making friends, but prefers her friends she's known for a while. Her BF is Batkit.

Silver (Human O.C)

A VERY tomboyish girl with a short temper. Her most priced possession is her neon green headphones. She has three forms, Dread Silver, her evil form, Halo Silver, her spirit form, and, well, regular Silver, her normal form. And, no, I didn't copy Silver from the manga, I didn't even know he existed until AFTER I made Silver. I didn't copy ShinyEevee either (well, I tried not to) with my Silver's forms. Dread Silver use to be just a spirit, but becomes a separate person when Silver is very mad, sad, or hurt. Halo Silver is Silver's spirit if Silver is knocked unconscious or something. Just wanted to clear that up before anyone asked :).

Moonstar (Fakemon O.C)

A Vaporeon, Umbreon hybrid. She thinks she is the coolest Pokemon ever. As an Eevee, she wasn't a hybrid. She had touched a Water Stone under moonlight and became an Umporeon.

Skye (Pokemon O.C)

A riolu that is very funny. Sometimes, she's funny without trying to be. She can also be very serious. She knows Aura Sphere, and it becomes black when she is enraged.

Other Characters

Spark the Pikachu

Fang the Pikachu

Serena the Pikachu

Paco the Pichu

Scar the Pichu

Static the Pichu

Chase the Pichu (used to be Kojo)

Trixie the Pichu (used to be Ginger)

Spiral the Oshawott (used to be Whirly)

Hyper the Charmander (friend IRL)

Splash the Buizel

SwordSlash the Linkachu (Pikachu with Link hat and Sword) (friend IRL)

Mosskit the cat (friend IRL)

Bramblekit (friend IRL)

Batkit the cat (my/Rainkit's BF) (no, he's not real)

Sunkit the fire cat

Waterkit the water cat

Shadekit the cat (me/Rainkit and Batkit's adopted kitten)

Ovalkit the cat (me/Rainkit and Batkit's adopted kitten)

Goldenkit the cat (me/Rainkit and Batkit's adopted kitten)

Cinderkit the cat

Tanglekit the cat

Whitekit the cat

Cloudkit the cat

Midnight the Umbreon

Red the red Oshawott (friend IRL)

Star the Sparkat

Bone the Chao (I might call them flurries)

Hoops the Chao

Blitz the Chao

Dread the Chao

River the Chao

Scourge the Chao

Dusk the Zangoose

Blade the Zangoose

Jolt the Jolteon (so original)

Flare the Flareon (OMG again)

Candy the Eevee

Shade the Flygon

Shadow the Absol

Skittles the Skitty (It's the most original name EVER!!)

Bolt the Raichu

I have more and will have more, it's just that I have so many, I can't remember them all.

Some people that inspire to animate but don't have a flipnote account

(left of slash is Youtube, right is dA)

~SplashKittyArtist (same for both)



~ CraftedHands/Phantomcat

...P... Put

...O... This on

...K... Your profile

...E... To stop Pokemon

...M... From

...O... Being

...N... Hated

....!.... It shows you care


        • /\____/\
        • )---W---(
        • \---A---/
          • )--R--(
        • /---R---\
        • )---I----(
      • /----O----\
      • \----R----/
      • \__S__/
                • ))
              • //
            • ((
              • \

|..........| Put This Door On

|..........| Your Page If

|......O.| You Have Ever

|..........| Pushed A Door

|..........| That Said Pull


Well, that's about it. Bye! ^_^

If you took the time to read all of this, you are amazing and deserve a cookie. Here! -gives cookie-

~Rainkit and the Gang