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You pad into the dreaded-looking Twoleg House on the mountain, unaware of who is there. You walk in the darkness, feeling a little scared. Then, you see something that makes you stop in your tracks. Angry eyes are watching you. As they get closer, you see they are a twoleg kit, two black and white tom cats, a red and white tom cat, a blue and white tom cat, and a grey and white tom cat. With sudden fear you realize something. You are in iEthan's castle.

            • Characters------
            • Main------

iEthan (Creator)

RSMale Fire (Main Protagonist)

RSMale Ice (Half Sub Antagonist & Half Protagonist)

            • VS Blitzpelt------

Raypelt (Sub Protagonist)

Bluepelt (Half Sub Protagonist & Half Neutral)

Blitzpelt (Antagonist)

            • Team Aegis------

Aegis (Protagonist)

Beast Xero (Sub Protagonist & Neutral)

ZeroClaw (Sub Protagonist)

Strikepaw (Mysterious Male Cat)

Eaglepaw (Adventurous Cat)

Lovepaw (Mysterious Female Cat)

Zero Saphire/Diamond Saphire (Blue-Scarfed Cat)

Chrysalis Ruby (Red-Scarfed Cat)

Lost Platinum (Black-Scarfed Phantom Cat)

Lunarun (Cresent Winged Cat)

Blueark (Goddess Apprentice Cat)

Kinos (Cait Sith & Friend of Blueark)

DarkMyth Graystripe (Graystripe Sins)

Shadow GC Cat (Shadow-infected Winged Cats)

"Rival" (Major Sinful Cats)

Thompson (Scythe Dog)

DarkSoul (Head of Exterminators Cat)

            • Guardians of Strikepaw & Lovepaw (Sub-Protaginist)------

Blue-Starred Sentinel (Fairy Winged Cat)

Kit of Red Star (Red Star Cat)

Cloaked Rouge/Rogue (Cloaked Demon Cat)

            • Bullies------

Neckstriped Bully Cats (Name says it all)