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Ello some pplz noes my name so im gonna tell you some about my life i geuss. OK so my name is brandon im gonna tell only one time GOT THAT?! i am 12 years old, my Xbox360 Gamertag is LegitxSt4rzzz


my likes, drawing random stuff, ppl, texting, listening to some music no techno blec, playin on meh dsi, rinding bikes, wall ball, homework JK!!!!, hangin out with mah friends, laughing for no reason (lol it makes ppl laugh), going to my friends houses, hugging (no guys at ALL thats just gaay), watthing scary movies, and playin a xbox.

my dislikes qB doing nothing, lolipops, cinnomon rolls, (jk i LOOVE THEM!)thats all wait i forgot!!! im a boy and if you want to talk to me go to youtube.com/triko 707 thats my channel by!!! i love u (no homo ethier!!!

I Have a website called http://legitxst4rzzz.webs.com/ have fun chatting here and stuff!