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Yo sup peeps and lovlies! NinjaKitty here to bring joy, happiness, and tacos to Hatena!...that is if I don't blow it up first...Well thank you all fans, friends, and supporters. You are all wonderful! Haters, I know you need a hug...and maybe a cookie...but first you need a life. :D

Sealand will begin WW3 by stealing all underwear in the world! L and Light will buy Misa life insurance just so they can use the death note and then I will hit them with a fish and steal teh moneh. In Poland, you steal car! In Soviet Russia, car steal you! Only in America...do they have signs for the blind...at drive-through banks. CONCEPTION INCEPTION. I will now roll around on the ground. LIKE. A. SASUASGE.

My DA account. Check it out! RandomNinjaKitty

You can talk to me on DA. It's hard on Hatena to talk and chat