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Hi. I'm 9 and my name is Amaya! I like SOUP!!!! I like to show everyone my hard work. I really hope you like it and I hope I get a lot of stars and fans. I was born on March 27, 2003.

I really like drawing showing my skills online!

This is very important,

Flipnote Hatena is getting DESTROYED.

People are

Star begging



So please, If you see a flipnote that includes one of those,Comment on that flipnote saying that the flipnote is stolen, star begging or scamming. Also, delink that flipnote and if they stole your flipnote, report it. If they were scamming or star begging, report it.

That is all I gotta say so BAI!!!! Enjoy your tacoz!

Last updated: April 2nd, 2012