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Kumusta ka my peeps! Wassup?! Working my way up to be recognized. Ignore the RPs. Check out my series and PVs/MVs. Got a bunch of randomness here.

Check out my DeviantArt profile! Username: RandomNinjaKitty


Well peeps and lovlies, I'm afraid my time on the land of the green dancing pixel nintendo frog thing are numbered. I will be leaving you soon. Take back your coloured stars if you want to and please, wipe your feet on the way out. I will miss you all and your awesomeness cuz I love you guys.

Awesome lovely peeps (Yes, I'm candy-high. I consume candy when I'm stressed):

Oli *Otter *JaimeLuv *Zach *AJJones *JessieBear *Momo-chan *Reiryoku(though you really didn't know me...you have delicious art) *MasterVlad ~And all my fans. The reign of the lethal random domestic blue candy-high tiger is over. Go home and live your lives cuz I'm all out of yaoi. Lolz. I left with hilarity and while eating a churro. Love you all so much.

-NinjaKitty Sayonara boys, girls, and tacos