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Sorry I haven't really been posting. Laaaazyyy..

I am addicted to Hetalia. I swear I am going to marry Italy (Northern one) <3 he's so dang kawaii! "PASTAAA!!!"

I am both of these accounts:




Shout outs:

You are so great sis, and you draw so fantastic!! I look up to you and your incredible anime drawing skills. Love you, sis! -Otaku Geek!

You are amazing Bassy! You are a great hatena sister to have! I was so heartbroken when I thought you left. Don't ever leave me. -White Wolf

You are so epic, Berrie! You are a great hatena sister to have! You are a real cool girl. -Rose/Blue Berrie

I love you with all my heart. I miss you like crazy, sis. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me. I think about you every single day. <3 -Zora


About me:

I am a 15yr old boy from Scotland. My real name is Lee. I have a twin sister named Lynn. I love to laugh, rp, cosplay, be silly, read, draw anime, and some other stuff lol. I am g@y and I'm taken. I believe myself to be bipolar, meaning I can be happy one minute, then ticked off, then sad, then jittery, ect. I am also known to have a hot temper sometimes. But I try my best to be nice to everyone, even when I want to kick them in the face. I also am obssessed with anime and looooooooove Yaoi. I just ordered a Grell Sutcliff t-shirt teehee. <3

Favorites!!! Booyah!

Favorite bands:


Girugamesh ギルガメッシュ

GACKT 神威 楽斗

Vocaloid ボーカロイド

Tokio Hotel

Favorite songs:

Моё Сердце by КИТАЙ

時忘人 Tokiwasurebito by Kaito Shion

真実 by 嵐 (Truth by Arashi)

Shinkou by Grell Sutcliff

Party Rock Anthem by Lmfao

O_o Kaito looks so smexy in 悪徳ジャッジメント Judgement of Corruption!!!! XD Excuse my yaoiness but -EPIC NOSEBLEED!!- <3 XDDDD


My bestest friend foreverest is Zora (id IcingDeath)!!! Love ya sissy!! We can be bestest friends foreverest if you keep your face outta my face! mmhmm! XD

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