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I am 13 going onto 14, my name is Rebecca. I live in the EE.UU and I got two siblings. I like to draw Manga/Anime though I'm not good. It took me two or so years to learn to do Chibi (it's actually pretty hard.) My series, Nova's Blade; I have a very big goal to actually finish it. Which I will. Also, I got one real life friend on here named Oreos, (check her our, she's in my faves) and she's awesome. I was inspired to draw Anime after I started reading Anime/Manga because my sister discovered it in Border's. Anyways, that's a lot of random stuff that I'm super sure you don't care about. Fave Creators: Otter, Oreos, K66, Zen, Brandy, etc. Drawings Style: Still trying to develop my own style though I kinda think I all ready have my own style. Anyways, I'm also working on my shading as well, and also trying to get better with my anatomy. Wish me luck, -Val :)