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Huh wow its been a year huh? ha ha I was reading the last Description on this and I'm gonna insult my self here I sounded like such an idiot like a kid high on sugar, ok so here we go real description now mostly news and sorrys that I will change later but

Ok well I'm a start with saying sorry to a lot of people won't give names cause if I do this will get long anyway I'm sorry to the Christian Chat people I was a complete idiot I was acting like a drunk since of what happened in Boss's Chat and that one person that I still can't rember her name yea but I'm ok now I'm calm and ill go back with you guys if you let me in

You know what forget the Boss's chat people (except for "Her")

This will be like 3 lines (from my point of view) all I got to say is I'm sorry for what I did and the only thing I beg to change is what happend with me and "Her" also a thanks to Paige for always helping me out with those guys

The News: I'm not gonna say its good or bad news cause idk how you guys will take it but I'm gonna buy a Laptop fo me so it will mean I'm back (not making flipnotes do) I will get a DSi if there is still life with the Christian Chat people

Self Description: Ey Yo its Raziel Villasana look me up in the internet where ever you want you aint gonna find me I'm freakin ghost I've changed since last year My music is Rap,Reggeton,Some Rock Music (yesh I gave in lol) Favorite Musicians (SP) Eminem No. 1 ,Drake,Calle 13,Julio Voltio,Gorillaz,Daddy Yanke Favorite songs Fake It No. 1 Determinate (don't look at me like that -_-) Superman,Over,Un Beso de Desanuno,Rocketer and the list goes on and on for miles

Anyway what's up people its me and a diffrent me now I'm mostly about music still crazy but I'm more suttle now Mexican Beaner Illegal still can't spell at all I should really practice but aint got no time if you want me there ill always make time for my people *deep breath* feels good to be back

This was writin in 7/30/11