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When the beat drops, the game is over

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Guardian <3

When the beat drops, the game is over

Self introduction

Well hello my Hatena tots! This is where I should tell you guys some things about me but I don't really wanna tell you guys about my past so I'll just write/type down all my ocs! :)

All my Sonic O.CS:

Hollow the cat-bat (taken)

Deshay the hedgehog (single)

Bluesoul the hedgehog (taken)

Muute the mongoose (taken)

Diann the lynx (taken)

Shinji the fire cheetah (taken)

Okowata the fire cat (HES ONLY 8! WTF?!)

Kio the tiger (taken)

Zhor the cat-lynx (single)

X-Z the black tiger (taken)

Haert the white panther (single)

Lace the panda-bear (taken)

Melee the panda-lynx (taken)

Hodru the panda-bear (single)

Cell the night-cat (taken)

Geryon the eletric-guardian demon (single)

Kassie the wolf (single)

Summer the hedgehog (taken)

Iris the mongoose (single)

Ziolo the fire cat (taken)

BlackScar the hedgehog (taken)

Red Bolt the hedgehog (single)

RoZ the dark soul (single)

Abigor the snow bat (single)

All my Human(anime) O.Cs:

Static (male)

Metallic (male)

Vexan (male)

Akiro (male)

Niu (male)

Sochi (male)

Neno (male)

Yultsu (male)

Ely (male)

Yolcum (female)

Estell (male)

Xylon (male)

Ruby (male)

Hatsariku (male)

Momo (female)

Tokyno (male)

Cici (female)

Elroy (male)


middle skool dur! lol

Place of birth

Puerto Rico



Special skills



German, Pig Latin, Spanish, English, Japanese, French