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My name to you is Red, I'm 14 years old almost 15 (My birthday is July 16th), I'm 5'9" and still growing, I have brown hair that changes with the seasons, and I weigh 150LBS! I love to be outdoors, I play basketball and softball; I am a post player on the Castle View basketball team and I play pitcher, first base, third base, and outfield on my competitive softball team!

I started drawing constantly in 2009-2010; I taught myself how to draw although my style has changed a lot I think I may have found my own unique style! The very first think that I learned how to draw were wolves, I LOVE WOLVES! I desperately want to learn how to draw cats and humans so if you can help I would love that!

I have a wonderful boyfriend, his username is うあの®MーWのしgo and check out his flips! I also like to read the warrior book series and I'm in a clan or two. I am also in a fantasy role-play guild called Grimshaw, we will have our own website but we are currently on come check us out if you think you might be interested!

I'm a gaming nerd so yeah deal with it! And if you don't like hyper, random people don't hang around me, you won’t like it! x3

Well I think that's it, if you have any questions or just want to chat send me a message and I'll get back to you!