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im sorry hatena but im getting very very lazy on drawing so ya sorry if my mv's and stuff like that sucks and um ya that about it so yeah...take care :3


X_son of a demon_X@ gaia online

tron is always lonely and sad

xeonx is the son of a devil

carlos is trons and xeonxs friend

danny is trons long lost brother

coach is trons evil cousin who treated him badly

josh is trons''evil'' cousin who was always hurt and mistreated

syric:just a friend :3

ray:a nobody >:D

ray:im a nobody!? :'(

amber:neyh too lazy


i feel so alone and hated and im lossing my love of drawing i mean think of all the flips i never got stars on...i suck epicly and i just feel like giving up.I need motivation again...i never get comments i rarely get stars and im always ignored...i thinkj i should just quit on drawing...


phone number if u live in California:(323)-835-9439

plz just txt me cause i never answer numbers i don't know...


i wanna start having more friends on hatena and im starting to feel hated. i don't get much stars,comments or downloads. i have 77 fans and get 1-3 comments on my makes no sense...


i am the worst drawer ever!


im thinking about quiting hatena...i suck at drawing so why be here if no one appreciate my art work...


i wanna d!e so bad i wanna quit i wanna see my friend i wanna be loved i want a hug i wanna have friends it feels like i only have 2 friends here...well kinda...almost 80 fans in 1 year...i really suck at drawing...