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Ok so I'll go ahead and cut to the chase. If you knew me as CountryFox on Flipnote Hatena and were a friend or fan and still want to keep contact (lol random thought there) I'm perfectly fine with you having my email which should be listed on my profile or at the end of this message. Other means of communication are Xfire, (free text chat program for PC gamers very nice), Teamspeak 3, (free PC voice chat program for gamers also a nice program but I rarely can get on it) Origin, (a free program for PC made by EA not the best but still a nice text chat program), I can get you links for each program if you need me to, Facebook is ok and my public account is Arctic Foxx feel free to add me on FB if you want to. If you cant find the name email me and I'll help out. So yeah I know I probably just wasted my time typing this and your time if you're still reading but whatev lol. I'd still like to keep in contact with any of my friends or fans from Hatena if any of you read this. If you need any more info email me at cya :)

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Tod Foxx








Musician, Song Writer, Singer, Artist, Gamer


Guitar, Writing Stories

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Song Writing, Playing rhythm and some lead guitar


English, very little Spanish and German

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