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Well, hi for starters. My name is Red and I am beta, beta healer, and beta warrior of SL. I am also paliguard and apprentice to Azland. I draw a lot but only when I really feel like it. Most of the time I am tired so... You get my point. Hardly any flips. Yeah, I don't have the most exciting life but I am a kind person. But, If you attack my pack I can snap in an instant to protect the ones I love. Just a warning. What most people don't know is that I have more horrible emotions than good. Eh, thats just me. Right now I am taken by someone sweet, loving, and loyal. And I have a really nice pack to. The alpha is my brother, Kellen. The alphess is my friend, storm. Nice people if you don't get on there bad side. Cyrus is an amazing guy, very kind, caring, but at times he can have a dark side. Sveta on the other hand... Wow.... She's the type of person that can always make you smile no matter how sad you are, always fun and playful. Azland..... He and Kellen are probably tied for strength, but he's the one to stand by his families side and protect them no matter what. Heh, why do you think I look up to Kellen and Azland? There like the two strongest fighters in SL and they care for SL like there family. Those two have done so much. And there are so many more SL members that I can't even fit them here! Well. That is all for now, so long!-Red