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This account is owned by two people:

Miyu and Pup.

Don't get confused!


About Pupper

Hello I am 14 years old and 4'8. My birthday is in January. 31. I love puppies and doggys!!! Also I like to eat lot's of candy especially cookies. My hobbies are crafting and drawing. Most of the time I like to daydream. so yup...

Oh! Don't be scared to do our MoPo point! and I'm always glad to become friends with anyone! Thanks for 85+ fans!!! I never knew we would have gotten that far! Oh and my progress in Reality? yeah... I haven't been workding on it. I HAVE to finish my bet with miyu doing Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2!!! I'm almost finished with the first one and almost unlocked the secret story that not even Miyu saw!!!

~Bye Bye Pupper :3


About Miyu

Hey everyone! I'm 16. 5'0". I'm just copying stuff from Pup's "About Me." I'm pretty boring, so uh, get to know me by my flipnotes!


(It's not that hard to be my friend. Just shoot me a comment, but not literally because comments hurt. Oh wait, comments not comets. Still sounds like it hurts though.)



Cookie Note - Finished 6/23/12

XRei Reality - In Progress; Trailers coming out soon


About XRei Reality

A mysterious letter comes through the mail of Miyu and Pup. This drags them into an online game. Fun right? But they become separated forced onto different paths. The two paths are a different story. Which path will you choose? XRei or Reality?

Side Note: XRei and Reality are two different series that intertwine. XRei is Miyu's adventure. Reality is Pup's adventure.


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Started: 9/13/09

MP Started: 10/29/10

Cookie Note: First Completed Series