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My Name is Rings9, or Rings for short.

Rings is the nickname I wish I had for...... many reasons......

The 9 came from Softball (that's My Number) but i realized its a good number for many other reasons.......

Let's just say, I'm a Pirate by Blood. I'm From the British Isles, and that means i'm English, Scottish, and Irish. So, i'm pretty sure at least one of my ancestors was a pirate. Mabey more than one. It sure would explain alot about my personality.

I became Obsessed With Pirates of the Caribbean ever since last Year's Feild Show (Which you can tell by the ammount of my flips are related to it) and pretty much know every aspect of all four Pirates movies so far, and even know information about the 5th one their making right now. I have been known to be able to recite quotes from the movies, and to get stuck talking in a Pirate Accent after watching the movies. (hard to hide when your trying to ask someone directions after exiting the movie thearter XD)

I am considered a Band Nut, (not geek, theirs a difference. Geeks act like geeks. Nuts don't.) I play Clarinet in my High school Marching/ Symponic band. I also taught myself piano when I was 10. The first song I ever learned Was Clocks, By Coldplay. I plan on Majoring or Minoring in Music When I go to Collage. Btw, My band Director is INSAINE (in a good way) but what band director isnt?

I am a Sophmore in High School, and I think High School Is libreation from Middle School for all you 8th graders worried about going into High School.

My real life friend here on Hatena is Eagle8196 so c her flips and say I sent you. (she's in colourguard in my marching band) she hasn't been on lately, but i'll try to convince her otherwise.

SO yeah, now that you know a little bit about me, why dont you become my fan or friend? I never turn down Requests!