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OMG I just wrote this long and meaningful description and then it didn't save TT____TT OH WELL starting over :D

OKAY I'm Taraaaaaaa and I wish I was kawaii but I'm not and it breaks my heart :'( I find that I have something about me that girls stay away from me and hate me so I have no friends at the current moment *tear* oh well I'm going to find some soon okay??? chuuuu~~~ I love Vocaloid and anime and manga and stuff, so thats my style (but it's not the best...) I'm still trying to improve okay? so no hate please ? >3> I really love to draw, and I have been opn flipnote hatena for almost three years. (I think... 'm bad at math) >////< I'm never getting a boyfriend on here unless they give me REAL PROOF THAT THEY ARE IN FACT A BOY. Last time I dated someone of the opposite gender who turned out to be someone from the female gender and I could've died okay? but she was ugly and weird anyway so I didn't care :)<3 I deleted most of my flips and I'll be deleting them all soon, I'm just keeping these so no one thinks I've quit or anything. AND I'm not going to be on that much cause school is important because I want to go t this smart school but im not smart TT_______TT




Tumblr: http://hoodlessninja.tumblr.com/