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3DS: 1375-7207-4185 (Marianne)

PKMN White: 3954-6314-9124 (Sakuya)


Hey, I'm RioPride, the girl who's quite in public but loud at home. I promise I'll post more flips soon! *mumbles* Even though no one looks at them... *shot*

About me:

Name: Marianne

Age: Above ten and under 20

Favorite Live-Action TV Show: iCarly

Favorite Cartoon: Codename: Kids Next Door/Mad

Favorite Actor/Actress: Jeanette McCurdy

Favorite Video Games: Professor Layton series, Pokemon series, Phoenix Wright series, Touhou series (although I've never played it)

Favorite Website: TV Tropes (You thought I'd say Hatena, didn't you? lol)

That's all you need to know. Friggin sta!kers. :P