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Not really too fond of writing bios, but i'll give it my best, ok?


My name is Allysa, im a 12 year old girl (13 on November 25th) Who is pretty fond of drawing and belives to be pretty good at it.

I live in Toronto, Canada and i have two houses because my parents are seperated.

I'm not too great at making friends in real life (Off of the internet) but i do try my best PLUS when it comes to online, i make MANY and very easily.

I draw Cats and wolves because thats what i'm good at and i'm only still practicing humans (usually drawn well with a ref)

I like roleplaying some of the time, but that's not really all I do.

I chat, and i chat and i chat.

I have a chat room titled"Chat4coolKids" i'm there basically every couple days at later times- say 5:00- 9:00 or later now since its summer starting on June 27th for me.

After then you'll catch me during the day if your lucky!

My friends on HERE (Hatena) Are these cool people:

Gloop- She's Always been there and She just knows how to have a good time lol :P makes me laugh and has fun roleplays! Yeaaaah im not gonna speach about you though. cause it will take ten years to tell you why i love ya ;) (FRIEND WAYY)

Luke- Known you for the most time (BESIDES GHOST AND SMUG) Your just really nice and fun :) YOU CAN ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH AND I APPRICIATE THAT!

Ghost- We've gone through ALOT. and i mean ALOT, i'm sorry it took me months to learn what was right and what was wrong. we both made mistakes. You know im sorry though. YOUR FUNNN and RANDOM thats why we get along so well!

Smug- I don't know if i should call you a friend, but i feel i should because i think now, so much time later, i finally can. Iv'e totally screwed up with you and we both know it. words will never explain how sorry i am to you. Anywayssss, You also have fun roleplays and i think your really funny :P

Nein- Well, there is alot to say to you... and i hope you see this. Your a true friend to me and honestly, im SORRY if i cant help you the way you need. if theres anything i can do, ever, tell me and ill try. Ill stand up for you forever, and remember the old mistclan problems, it may have been alot to handle, but it was fun, :)

Pinku- Your REALLY REALLY nice and also really forgiving! The mistclan problems were all my fault :( im sorry. but thank you for forgiving me! I hope we'll be friends for a long time, eh?

Ok thats PRETTY much it for the friends.

I have made ALOT and i mean a fri,cking LOT of mistakes and all of you have forgiven me- or atleast i think you have? And that means alot, so thank you. ILL SUPPORT YOU TILL THE END,YEAH!

ok, now the part you DO NOT want to read (But im sure you will anyways, yeah?)

Im a directioner, ok?

i love one direction and i hope you can all respect that.

im trying not to annoy you all but im sorry but i cant change how i feel. They make me happier then anything else has ever and seeing them in concert may 29th, 2012, was the best night of my existence,

i love them ALL but Niall Horan stands out a little more :)

I have merch! i have posters all over my whole room, a shirt, books and a cup thing, :P yeahhhh for collecting.

Most of the "Directioners" on here are DiretionATORS i am sorry but most on here are fake fans like with the whole one direction facts and the "DID YOU KNOW LOUIS ONCE SAID HE LIKED GIRLS WHO ATE CARROTS?!" like no sh-oot come one.

thats getting old now so really/ stfu.


Hate me, Love me. im honest, i tell you what i truly think.

HEY MY TWITTER IS @Allysa_Horan my old one @AllysaMlacic was suspended for tweeting Liam payne too much :(


my tumblr is niallerbiggestmofo or just take this:

thanks for reading this if ya did! :)