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I am now serving updates for the Nintendo 3DS. If you want to know about these updates, please comment me your Friend Code from your Nintendo 3DS to one of my flipnotes for more information.

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I miss this place so much and I just don't want to forget about it how it was for my dream here disappearing for good due to my effing mistake.......... I just want my original DSi back on my hands and make videos for all you guys so I don't feel this way................ All I have now is nothing but my 3DS here without .... my dream continuing............

I got extremely good news:

Nintendo is making a new software called Flipnote Memo (Japanese name, I think). It is very awesome because it has new features like color yellow, brown, orange, etc. rather than the default colors of black,red, and blue. There is no release dates, trailers, nor images.


All Information on the Web for Flipnote Memo:

A successor to Flipnote Studio, Flipnote Memo is an announced Nintendo 3DS application. Not much is known about it at this time, but Miyamoto said the content will be easier to share this time around. However, Nintendo has expressed concerns about adult content reaching young users with the upcoming application.

So far 3DS lacks a programme to compare to the DSi's Flipnote Studio, but Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has recently announced that Nintendo is working on an updated version of the title called Flipnote Memo. Not much information was given other than that it would be available for a free download and that while you should be able to exchange creation with friends, Nintendo is worried about adult content reaching younger users.

Game developer Shigeru Miyamoto announced the successor to Flipnote Studio, Flipnote Memo, will come to the Nintendo 3DS. Like its predecessor on the DSi, Flipnote Memo allows you to create your own animations. In the 3DS version, you will be able to send your creations to friends like on the DSi. It is unknown if the player will be able to create 3D animations. The exact release date for it is still unknown. Miyamoto says it will be free.

  • NinetendoEverything:

The popular DSi application, Flipnote Studio, will soon be heading to the 3DS. Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that development is already underway on the 3DS version. Like the original program, Flipnote Studio will act as an animation tool and will be free of charge. Nintendo is hoping to include functionality so that users can exchange flipnotes with friends, though there is some concern that children may end up viewing inappropriate animations.