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peace :)

For they whose words moved me, for the one who changed...

With heart born of stone, it still cracks and gifts, unto the only Vassal, love at its crude young shape or pure manifestation in The mind reliant on the receiving party, and washes over in Mass to soon drain hence revealing a rainbow of florescent Emotion broadly expanded with the eager swipes of the Desiring and beings wounded mortally with a thirst for Meaning and blind purpose And you still. Yet only, by choice, Is this chosen vassal, picked bearer of safety, showered and Shown a glimpse Of their sincere spectrum, seemingly to Dread the day the stone re-seals, withdrawing from them and Said spectrum breaks breaks each shard glittering with fond Memory that will be seized and devoured by the following cold, severing that depth of you I gazed at endlessly...." I can See my breath and the pleading words it carries as my vexed Soul twists to again obtain you, rift into my reach?"